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04 Feb 19
7 days of week child learning

7 Days in Week | 7 दिन का सप्ताह

Our present Indian calendar's week have 7 days. Each day have different meaning. In Indian Hindu culture we have linked every day for different God's workship day.

Day Sunday is holiday in all type of private and goverment - orgnizations, Institution, schools, hospitals, offices etc. Some have Saturday & Sunday holiday. Combining Saturday and Sunday is also known as Weekdays. Remaining 5 days Monday to Friday are known as a working days.

S. No. English Name Rommon English Hindi Name
1 Sunday सन्डे (sande ) रविवार
2 Monday मंडे (mande) सोमवार
3 Tuesday ट्यूजडे (tyujday) मंगलवार
4 Wednesday वेन्जड (vennjday) बुधवार
5 Thursday थर्सडे (tharsday) गुरुवार
6 Friday frayday (फ्रायडे) शुक्रवार
7 Saturday सैटरडे (saitarade) शनिवार

By this post you will 7 days of week in multiple languages - English, hind, Rommon english. Following question is answered here

How many days in a week ?

Name of all days in week ?

Week day names in Hindi ?

Week day names in English ?


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